What is Cooperate Islington?

Cooperate Islington is a consortium of local cooperatives and co-op organisers, working in partnership with Islington Council. We are building a Cooperative Development Agency that will be embedded in Islington for years to come. 

 Throughout 2022 we provided one-to-one advice, training sessions, funding, workspace, networking opportunities and other resources and support to local co-ops. We have been working with the biggest institutions in the borough, helping them adapt their supply chains to buy goods and services locally from ethical providers. 

The main programme is coming to an end in December 2022. This means that you cannot apply for funding and support at this time. However, we are still running relevant events at our home in Finsbury Park SPACE4, and we are still working with partners to develop the programme of support for 2023. Please stay in touch to find out more about how we can support you. 

What is a co-operative?

A co-op is any trading enterprise that’s jointly owned and democratically controlled by its members, with the purpose of meeting their shared needs, on the basis of a universally agreed set of co-op values and principles. 

Those needs may be to do with rewarding work, collective housing, food, distribution, energy – or any challenge of meeting peoples’ requirements for a decent life. 

The co-op’s members may be its workers, its tenants, its customers and service users – or even groups of enterprises clubbing together to share services. The members decide how the co-op is run, and they share the benefits. Co-ops focus on how they distribute any surpluses in a fair way, bringing extra value to the members and serving their communities.

What makes co-ops different?

You may have heard about ‘social enterprises’, ‘benefit corporations’ or ‘community businesses’. Co-ops overlap with all of these, but they have some special advantages.

First, they trade to meet the needs and ambitions of their members.
Second, those members collectively own and control the co-op.

This means co-ops are a uniquely powerful way for people to combine together, to improve their lives and reach their shared goals through a trading enterprise.

Our Aims

The Consortium

Outlandish / SPACE4​

Outlandish is a worker co-op based in Finsbury Park, Islington. It is a digital agency specialising in data tools and campaign sites. All surplus generated is reinvested back into projects that support the cooperative economy, including SPACE4, a community-led space for technology activists and social innovators. Outlandish also runs training focusing on building openness, understanding and transparency in teams.

Hackney Co-operative Developments

HCD is a social enterprise which exists to relieve poverty, to advance education and to overcome discrimination in society. HCD was formed in 1979 out of local co-operatives and support the 7 co-operative principles with a core mission to promote co-operation, and to bring together economics with social and community development.

Stir to Action​

Stir to Action is building a new economy based on democratic ownership through a national training platform, strategic economic development, and a quarterly publication. Its current focus is on designing a new generation of infrastructure bodies, partnerships with local government, creating opportunities in succession markets, and supporting underrepresented groups in the sector.

Principle Six LLP

Principle Six is a partnership delivering professional advice and support and advocacy for new and existing co-operatives. Our core specialisms are in worker co-operatives and community shares. As a member of the Co-operative Development Forum, we are able to draw on the skills and knowledge of associates and delivery partners across the co-operative spectrum.

Co-operatives UK

Co-operatives UK is a network of thousands of co-operatives. It works towards a better world through co-operation, and a bigger co-operative economy. It promotes, develops and unites coops by lobbying policy makers, and providing training, advice and networking opportunities to cooperative businesses across the UK.

This project has been made possible by the London Borough of Islington.

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