We support
businesses that
directly benefit
their members,
being owned and
run by the people
who trade with them
or work for them.

Cooperate Islington is supporting a new generation of democratic, people-centred businesses to flourish. We are also working with the biggest institutions in the borough, helping them adapt their supply chains to buy goods and services locally from ethical providers. We envision a world where money stays in the local economy, and flows to the people who need it, and who are invested in their community. 

How Are We Doing This?


Small grants (between £500 and £20k) for groups to start or grow cooperatives in Islington.


Each group that receives a grant will also receive 2-7 days of dedicated support from a cooperative business adviser.


A programme of events and training for the general public to develop new skills and networks.


Sector-by-sector round tables for people and groups interested in improving procurement.

Study Circles

Study circles to help people learn more local economic development and the benefits of cooperatives.


Talks in schools, colleges and universities, as well as community centres and more to raise awareness of co-ops.

Stay Informed

If you would like us to keep in touch with you about opportunities, including grants and events, please leave your details here.

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